Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My "simple" Combination fried rice

So thanks to some little extra research, I have diverted from the traditional way of making fried rice. Before I would simply get a tiny pan, saute some onions and cabbage and then quickly mix it with the rice. Talk about lazy cooking. Those were the days when I hated spending more than 15 minutes in the kitchen but still craved for there to be some variety in my diet. Today I can proudly say that I can spend valuable time in the kitchen chopping and mincing to come up with something delicious, without feeling like I am being punished.
So what went into my so-called combination fried rice? Well all the ingredients are easy to find at any local supermarket.

Chopped Cabbage
1 Bell pepper
2 eggs
One sliced onion
Chicken cut into pieces
Soy Sauce
black pepper

The rice I used had already been cooked so I went straight ahead to the vegetables.
So in case you don't have already cooked rice, make sure you do so with salt  before starting the mixture.
I started with a table spoon of cooking oil (sunflower) which I heated in a wok for a few minutes then put in the onions to fry for a few minutes, added the cabbage and bell pepper, then the eggs. After that I  added the chicken and allowed the mixture to fry for a few minutes. I then sprinkled a teaspoon of black pepper just to give it some taste, then added the rice and soy sauce. Once the rice is added you have to mix it very well to ensure there are no rice lumps and the color is even. Having done that allow it to heat for a few more minutes and voila food is ready to be served.

So fellow food lovers if you are in for a quick home cooked meal. this is one of them. Wont take more than 12 minutes to be ready. Give it a try and let me know how it turned out.
I will be back soon with another sumptuous dish!!!

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