Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My upcoming attempt at making a 3/4 wig

I recently ordered some items that I would need in making my own 3/4 wigs. With Fall and even Winter around the corner I need to find other ways of protecting my natural hair which tends to easily break under harsh weather conditions. So this explains my new area of interest. I must say I am really grateful for youtube and all the tutorials the hair gurus upload because I have learned a lot of techniques on how to make very beautiful wigs. A few years ago I never once imagined that this was even possible. This is because back in my home country Ghana people hardly do their own hair or make their own sew ins so the thought of someone actually being able to make their own wig is always a surprise to most people. We alwasy marvel at the thought. But having been in France where it is outrageously expensive to visit a salon to even get your hair washed and its quite difficult to even find salons that can work with African kinky textured hair, I quickly learned how to take care of my hair and even progressed to doing my own sew-ins. Now I want to go further and start making these 3/4 wigs which I will mostly just sew to the perimeter of my head. I find these wigs more convenient since they are not sewn to every braid on the entire head. They are therefore not time consuming to sew in and also take off. I can therefore switch wigs as often as I want and be able to wash and condition my natural hair as often as possible as well. So I am prepping myself to make my wig tomorrow and I just pray that I do not ruin it. These are the items I had to purchase and as well find below  the link for the French company. However they can be bought from any local beauty store or any beauty shop online by just googling the item.


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